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WHY - Climbing the causality ladder to understand and project the energy demand of the residential sector
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Summer of 2022
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Strategies to fight high energy prices


13th of July 2022 | 09:00-13:00 CET | Online webinar­

The current invasion of Russia into Ukraine has brought into the public discussion how impactful is our high dependency on fossil fuels. In this context, several institutions have provided a wide range of solutions to mitigate these impacts. Our second general assembly meeting we will share how Spain and Germany are facing this crisis and how energy system modellers are helping. Moreover, participants will learn about the results of a large implementation of a Time of Use Tariff and the amount of behavioural change achieved (both in terms of energy efficiency and in flexibility on the energy use). Finally, the session will end with a presentation of the 5 use cases developed into the project and how they could help to face the actual energy crisis.

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WHY Workshop at the Climate Alliance International Conference 2022

Wednesday, 28 September (10.30–12.00) (Day 1) | online | in English

Energy Communities and Energy Cooperatives are models that embody citizen and community ownership of energy in the urgent transformation towards 100% renewable energy. In this workshop we discuss how municipalities can be part of or set up their energy communities and explore tools to project the demand of household energy consumption. We wish to support mutual learning on the role of municipalities in establishing and contributing/supporting the management of energy communities and energy cooperatives.

How can municipalities participate in energy communities? What are the bottlenecks and solutions? What tools and methods support forecasting energy demand to ensure energy system stability in a municipality? These are the core questions we seek to explore in this workshop with experts from municipalities, energy communities and cooperatives and researchers including energy system modellers.


  • Øystein Leonardsen, Senior Advisor, Integrated Urban Renewal, City of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Jaroslav Klusák, Head of the Energy Management Department, City of Prague, Director, Prague Energy Community, Chairman of the Association of Energy Managers of Cities and Municipalities, Czech Republic
  • Albert Vendrell Roca, Head of the Local Energy Management Support, Environmental Services Department, Barcelona Provincial Council, Spain
  • Leire Astigarraga & Chris Merveille, Goiener, Cruz E. Borges, University of Deusto, Thomas Nacht, 4ward Energy Research GmbH, WHY Project

This Workshop is part of the Climate Alliance International Conference 2022. Find out more:

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